ASHLEY'S HOPE  is to raise awareness about Peer Pressure & Save Lives!


About Us

ASHLEY'S HOPE was first conceived on February 19th as a positive response to a tragic event that happened one day before in our family's lives. That event was the passing of our family member Ashley Jean Long who was a vibrant and positive influence on almost everyone that she met.

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Our Work

We want the world to know about Peer Pressure and the devastation it can cause.

We made a Facebook page called, ASHLEY'S HOPE. It was made to not only remember Ashley, but to Create Awareness about Peer Pressure. Alcohol, Drugs and Inhalants, including Helium (Pressurized Tanks) can cost you your life when trying to fit in with different Peer Groups. Ashley Long passed away February 18th, 2012 from this type of situation. Lets come together and share this with our children, Schools...

Her Story

Ashley Jean Long's story.....She was such a beautiful, giving and talented Person. She loved to Draw, Photography, Fashion, but her passion and Dream was to be a Marine Biologist.  

This was such a Tragedy and we want to turn it into Positive issue. Ashely would of wanted to help others. I know we should be grieving, but I can't find myself doing that yet. She didn't want to inhale the helium, she turned her head and said "NO" to the 20 yr old who held the Mask that was hooked up to a Helium Tank. He said, "C'mon, It's not going to hurt you". She was 14 and vulnerable and she did it. And that was it. She's Gone. Let's talk about this to our kids and spread the awareness of Peer Pressure and the dangers of what it can cause..

Together we can make our cause known stamp out more and more peer pressure by educating teens and parents about what they can do to reduce these kind of situations by working together.

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Join Us

Whether you are a lifetime advocate or new to our cause, we invite you to join us. We welcome new ideas and value enthusiasm from members and volunteers, new and old.

, So. Oregon

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